Friday, June 5, 2009

Gascony Knight

I am having a great time building our greenhouse, so great a time in fact, that my painting is suffering as a result. I've been inspired to do some more painting for my HYW project, but the time just hasn't been there. Tonight, however, I found enough time to finish off a practice knight I had started.

As you can see, I used transfers on the horse and the shield. I haven 't decided whether or not I'll keep it yet. I'm hoping that the spray varnish will secure it in place, and that the final coat of dull cote will cause the edges to disappear. We'll see what happens.

I never managed to finish the chap on the right. He's also a Corvus Belli model. I'm painting him to represent the knight's man-at-arms, and he'll be based in the same cavalry unit as the knight. The model is actually coded as a Hobilar, but I think the right paintjob will make do service as a very convincing man-at-arms or squire.

Either way, I shall continue to forge ahead on this project on some level or another, regardless of whatever distractions may come my way. Summer is always an unpredictable time for me and my geeking, as outdoor pursuits with the family take precedence over model-painting.

One thing is for sure. I've learned that gluing the rider to the horse and painting the entire entity as one is the way to go with 15mm models. I think handling the rider and getting him on the horse after painting would be a real pain in the ass at this scale. Now I'll have to prep up enough cavalry to finish a unit.

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Chad Sikes said...

As usual, your stuff looks great!

I would caution you on applying the sealer and dull cote over the transfer until you know how it will react. In some cases the sealer and/or dull cote will cause the transparent parts of the transfer to become milky - which really makes it stand out. I have not tried it, but there is a product (don't know the name, but a trip to TMP may help) that is used for applying transfers which helps set the transfer and supposedly will keep the edges from showing. If you have spares, you may want to test the waters first.