Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Those aren't Persians?

That's true... Persians they are not. Quite recently I've had a geek-piphany. I've realized that I have more than enough models painted to play all of the games we play in my group. Once that simple (yet profound) realization set in, I decided to change the track of my painting for a while. Instead of pushing myself to finish particular projects, I'm going to paint whatever the hell I feel like for a while. Eventually something resembling a project will get done.

So here we are. The Persians are not forgotten. They are laid aside until the inspiration hits again, in two days, two weeks, two months... you get the picture.

...and speaking of pictures, I decided to base up some English longbowmen for Impetus. I love how the unit looks all based-up. Those Corvus Belli models are truly sensational.

Seeing a unit completed and based has inspired me to prep and start in on some other models. I'm going to paint up enough for another couple of longbow units, and am also painting a couple of cavalry models just to test the waters. I'm contemplating painting two armies concurrently... or not. As I stated above, I'll just paint and see where things land.

Anyway, I currently have some other projects on my plate (like a greenhouse for my wife), but I hope that this project will move along at a less glacial pace than it has so far. I'll certainly aim to accomplish something in less than six months this time round.

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NLgamer said...

Hay J let me know if I can help you out with the Green house. Me and Dad build one 3 years ago.

Andrew said...

I'm on the "paint whatever the hell I feel like" program too! I definitely do not have enough painted models to play much of anything, but I feel that switching things up alot keeps me interested in the hobby.

How will you be using those bowmen mounted on the round bases? Or are there no particular rules in mind for them?

Ruarigh said...

I used to work on the "paint what I feel like" system, but that inevitably led to lots of part-finished projects, which I am only now clearing up by following a rigidly structured project-focused painting programme.

Love those archers. I am almost tempted to buy some for myself, and start yet another project!

JET (aka Jason) said...

The bowmen are white-glued to the round bases for painting only. When they're finished, they'll be popped off and based as the unit above.

I hear you Ruarigh, but I've already got lots painted to play with. And I should clafify - when I say paint whatever I feel like, I mean from the humble collection I already own - I won't be buying more (yet)

Chris, thanks for the offer, but I think I'm under control. (for now, I'll keep you posted)

Rab said...

How do you base your figures? I'm at that stage now with my CB figs, but not having based any 15mm before I'm concerned my usual sand/paint sand/drybrush sand/flock that I do for 28mm will look clumpy. Particularly as the static grass I use would, I think, look too long. Any chance of a step-by-step, saying exactly what material you use?


JET (aka Jason) said...

I could do that. Here's the quick version:
1. Glue 1-3 large pieces of bark (or whatever you're using for rocks) down first.

2. Carefully using watered-down white glue and paint the entire base. Shake sand over liberally. Use a wooden toothpick to get rid of any stray grains on the models.

3. And now for the most mind-numbing part. Carefully paint all of the sanded area scorched brown (or dark brown of your choice). Take your time and be sure to fill ALL of the cracks.

4. Base coat the large rocks a dark grey.

5. Drybrush the sanded areas a light brown.

6. Glue down patches of flock and/or static grass in the usual way. I used both.

7. Now, using a light grey, over brush the non-flocked areas of sand and the large rocks. Leave a gap where sanded areas meet flocked areas.

8. Paint the edge black.

I think that's pretty much it. I'm sure your static grass would be fine, especially if only used in a clump here or there.


Rab said...

Cheers - that's my job for tomight then!