Sunday, June 7, 2009

Largest Building So Far

Up to this point, I have avoided posting any material that isn't directly geek-related on Geektactica. However, I've recently been building a greenhouse for my wife, and since I've devoted all my potential geek time and energy towards it, I figured I should post it.

The project so far - almost there.

I'm the son of a carpenter (a very skilled one at that) and my brother and I were given a solid foundation in building and woodworking when we were growing up. Sadly, I haven't put any of this knowledge to use for over 10 years, so I was a little dubious when I went out to buy the lumber. However, like riding a bike, it all started to come back as the project wore on. Dad stepped in to lend knowledge (and assistance when I was trying to figure out the angle-cuts for the roof), but for the most part, he's left me to my own devices (not counting when Ken's dropped over to lend a hand)

The first shelf. I think I'll add another.

A lovely view from the back window.

Back view

It's been quite different constructing a building from wood instead of cardboard, but equally (and in many ways more) satisfying. It was a very nice weekend here weather-wise, and it was invigorating to spend most of it outside, often alone with my thoughts.

But fear not faithful reader! The greenhouse will be finished for next weekend, and then I can get back to painting English longbowmen, French knights, Old West cattle, civilians, some more Cygnar stuff, fighters and bombers for BFG... on second thought, maybe I'll just build another greenhouse ;)

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Rab said...

Nice work, Jet. I find it really satisfying to get 'real world' projects complete as well. Particularly ones that involve being outside. Looks like you've got quite a skill there - next chicken house I build, consider yourself invited over to help!

jmilesr said...

Nice work - looks like you cut all the angles well. One thing you might consider is mounting the frame on some pavers with holes drilled in them to reduce water damage to the wood base.

My son and I build boats in our spare time from miniature gaming - while we enjoy miniatures there is nothing better than the occasional 1:1 scale project. There a picture of our boat within my gaming blog: