Saturday, July 23, 2011

Workbench Update: Losing With Style

So I've finally decided that it's time to replace my little red disorder markers for Impetus with something a little more visually appealing. I figure if I'm going to lose a game, it's just as well to look good while doing so. I ordered a few packs of medieval casualties from Essex and finally started at them last night.

As you can see, I've simply based one casualty on a round plastic base and painted it up. I've got 18 of these guys started and I"m actually painting them up as one big batch. I finished one off just so you guys could see how it's going to look. I've also painted up some random infantry figures which will be used as opportunity markers (to replace the green markers). Overall, I'm hoping that our games will look just a little sexier.

As I mentioned previously, you'll have to excuse my laxness in the blogging department. We've been spending the majority of our at-home time doing summer stuff - hiking, going to the beach, and chilling out with the kids. Furthermore, our summer geek nights (which still go ahead every Saturday night) have been dominated by board games. Fear not - the regular regime of painting, war-gaming, and blogging will be back in full swing when school starts up.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workbench Update: Avar General

It's been a long hiatus for me but I'm finally back in the saddle (pun intended). Now that my painting area is unpacked and ready for action, I broke out the Avars and decided to paint this general model.

I know what you're thinking... what's with the pink? I don't know really. I just felt so confined by the rules of heraldry after painting my medieval army that this time around I wanted to go crazy. I may go back and get rid of the pink when the rest of the unit is done, or I may not. We'll see.

As for the disturbing lack of game reports, Summer so far has mostly been about board games, particularly Settlers of Catan and lots of two-player Twilight Struggle. So, the geeking is going strong, it just hasn't been in a very bloggable form. Now that I've found both my muse and my paintbrush, I hope to start producing at a reasonable rate again. Don't go too far.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finally Moved!

The past few weeks have been dominated by packing, cleaning, and getting rid of junk. My wife and I will be buying a home this year but, before we do, we decided to try living outside of the city. We are both from smaller communities (or as we say in Newfoundland, from "around the bay"), but its been years since either of us has lived outside of St. John's.

We are finally in the new house. Here's the view from our back patio. I have to say, it's quite lovely. Even though I'm only a 10-minute drive from the city, the pace here is totally different. It's good for the kids as well - there's lots of room for my 10-year old to roam free, unlike the suburb we came from.

Anyway, I just started unpacking the geek stuff last night. I'll be setting up a painting and modelling corner in the basement rec room. Also, with the Canada Post strike over, I just received my Avar light horse from Khurasan on Friday. Expect to see progress in the coming week.

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