Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chaos In Carpathia Reference Sheet for Secret Objectives

With my geek room not quite finished yet, I find myself continuing on with geek projects of the non-painting variety. In the previous post I revealed my new full-colour Secret Objective Cards. Next for your perusal I have the accompanying two-sided reference sheet. Each player would need one of these sheets and a deck of eight objective cards in order to play

There have been some tweaks and changes over the last year and they are all reflected here. For those who used the cards before, you'll notice that there is far less text on the cards than there used to be. That's because all of the necessary explanations and descriptions have been brought together on the reference sheet so the cards themselves can stay visually-striking and clutter-free. 

In any event, if you plan on using the new reference sheets and objective cards, make sure you read through them. There have been some changes here and there that might affect your warband, albeit not in any major way.

Thanks for reading,