Sunday, April 1, 2012

Detectives for the Department

Marc is creating an entire cityscape using Worldworks paper terrain and is also painting a variety of miniatures to populate it. The goal is to start playing the Department in the very near future. The Department is a Goal System game set in a very Bladerunner-ish near future. What makes the game cool is that the players play as a team "against" the game. It was with this system in mind that I painted the two detectives below.

First up is Inspector John Drake, a veteran detective who likes to let his fists do the talking. If it weren't for his impressive track record of bringing unregistered fabricants to justice he would have been thrown off of the force long ago.

His partner is James Arthur Bunsen (aka Jimmy B, aka "Scales"), a Ph.D. drop-out who is one of the department's best forensic investigators. The department overlooks his questionable street connections - good lab men are just too hard to find these days.

Marc currently has around 10 miniatures painted. I think he has 10 more or so to go. That will give him the necessary detectives, bystanders, prostitutes, and criminals to start the campaign. It's actually quite nice for a change to sit back and watch someone else do the labour-intensive world-building that is so necessary for a successful adventure game. While I wait, I get closer and closer to finishing my 15mm Avar army for Impetus, so it all works out. I'll be sure to fire up some photos after we play our first game.

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