Old West

Rules: Legends of the Old West by Mark Latham (2004)

I play: Lawmen and Citizens. I am waiting for new models to arrive so I can paint a Cowboy posse as well.
Our first foray into the world of adventure gaming (and for that matter, our first foray into non-mainstream gaming) was our Legends of the Old West campaign.  It was during these games that we stumbled upon the great satisfaction that came out of narrative-driven gaming.

The story begins with the small and growing town of Assumption, under the protection of Sheriff John Henry Mast and his deputies, being subjected to the ungodly ways of The Sundown Gang.  Before long, the southern boys under the command of Major Eustace Pilesforth showed up and the trouble was in full swing.

Update: May 2014
Volume II of our Assumption Campaign (affectionately referred to as New Assumption) has begun. It's great to be back in Oklahoma!

The Project

The rather lengthy thread, Assumption, Oklahoma: Building an Old West Town, outlines the terrain-building process I went through, including insights, tips, and mistakes all the way through.

For the truly cheap geek who desperately needs to build a town without spending more than a dollar, here's my very detailed, step-by-step building tutorial.

Tales of Assumption (Volume I)
  1. The Day Trouble Came to Town
  2. The Southerners Arrive
  3. The Law Comes to Hackett Farm
  4. The Assumption Defenders
  5. Shoot-out at the Storage Yard
  6. The Rev'd Hargraves Cleanses Assumption
  7. Shotgun Wedding (or "The Abduction of Ms. Sue Ellen St. Charles.")
  8. The Green Ridge Massacre
  9. Damsel in Distress
  10. Corporal Moses Peachtree Meets His Maker
  11. Death in the Streets of Assumption
  12. The Arrival of a Foreigner
  13. A Foreigner Saves Assumption
  14. The Final Chapter

Tales of New Assumption (Volume II)

  1. Marshall Ambrose Mills and the Brave Citizens of Assumption, Oklahoma
  2. Sly Bill Settles a Score

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