Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Impetus Battle Report - A Foreign Invader

Stu's wife gave him a 15mm painted Arab army for Xmas this year. The units were assembled as a Sultanate of Rum army as found in Extra Impetus #2. Eager to see if they could fight as well as they dressed, I brought along my Free Company army and challenged Stu to a 400-point game.

Stu's secondary command was comprised of Discipline C infantry.

The main command was made up of medium and light cavalry, all bow-armed.

Stu began a harassment run with his light cavalry. My skirmishers and longbowmen started going to work immediately.

Here's the battle early on. His mob of infantry (top right) made a slow advance towards my line allowing my army to concentrate primarily on his main (i.e. cavalry) command.

Before long my knights started clashing with his CL and CM units. Charges into the CL's flanks made it impossible for them to evade and left them trapped in melee combat, precisely where they are most vulnerable.

Although I was clearly going to lose my cavalry command, I was doing lots of permanent damage to Stu's force. Furthermore, as my secondary command, my cavalry arm could be lost without endangering my army as a whole.

The low discipline of Stu's infantry made it easy to keep them at bay. Once disordered they are difficult to re-order.

By the time Stu sent my cavalry packing his own cavalry command was wounded and disordered. My archers wheeled to face them and a couple of well-placed volleys took out half of his cavalry command's VD, which in turn, sent his entire army routing off the table.

Sorry for the brief report but, let's be honest, the main reason for the post was to show off photos of Stu's new army. It's a great-looking collection and, more importantly, it's a fun army to play against. I'm sure there'll be more games in the future.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Goblin Army - First Installment

Not so many months ago I would have professed having very little interest in either (a) 28mm Impetus or (b) Fantasy Impetus. However, when some guys in the group started lighting a 28mm Fantasy Impetus fire, I just couldn't help myself - it's hard to resist any project related to my favourite mass battle rule-set. To show that I've actually been doing something with a brush as of late, here's the first 200-point installment of my Goblin army.

Gutbar Bloodmoon (CH-Hero)

Napleoff, Goblin General (FL inc. general)

Goblin Spearmen (FL)

More Goblin Spearmen (FL)

Norkodemus & Bodyguard (FL + CH-Wizard)

Goblin Scouts (S)

Goblin Scouts (S)

So that's the core of my force. Including command structure and special abilities it comes in at just under 200 points. Currently on the workbench I have a half-painted troll and the necessary parts to start in on some Wolf Riders. I'll keep you all posted.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Workbench Update: Finally Some Fantasy Impetus Progress

After a two-week dry spell in the painting department, I finally picked up the brush and got down to business. Marc and I had an uninterrupted painting afternoon on Monday past (i.e. no spouses, no offspring) and while he finished off his elven cavalry, I finished the bulk of my goblin spearmen.

The front unit above contains my general (who is currently unnamed) with a regular unit in the back..

...with two more regular units for a total of four units of spearmen. Stat-wise, I based the goblins on Welsh infantry, so they are VBU:4, I:1, D:B with long spear. You can see my almost-complete hero in the background as well (the guy with the red shield).

I've begun the prep-work on four units of skirmishing archers and, with any luck, I might be able to put down a 200-point army this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Game of 28mm Fantasy Impetus

I've been a little lax in all areas of my geeking (including blogging) lately owing to the busyness of the impending Xmas season. However, Chris and Marc played the first test game of Fantasy Impetus last night and I managed to get a few usable shots of the action.

As you can see above, Marc has to finish basing his Elven cavalry but, that aside, the unit turned out quite awesome I think. Here we see his general and bodyguard eating through some large units of ratmen.

Chris brought along his newly-painted ruined tower. It's one of GW's new creations and, I have to say, it's really sweet. We used it in our Chaos In Carpathia game later in the evening as well.

The size of the table, as well as the move distances, are quite a leap from the 15mm scale we are used to playing in.

One of the final battles in the game. I believe that Marc's elves routed the rats and ended up winning the game.

This first test game was only about 200 points, about half of what we aim to play. At the very least, watching their game lit my Fantasy Impetus fires and I hope to have one productive painting day this week. Until then...

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