Gothic Horror

Rules: Chaos in Carpathia by Scott Pyle (2007) supplemented by Tom Weiss's expanded warband lists and my own CinC Objective & Campaign System

I play: Hungarian Monster Hunters, Brotherhood, Werewolves, Dr. Frankenstein & His Creations, Nosferatu, Romanian Vampires
The Gothic Horror Project marks our second endeavor into the world of 28mm skirmish-level adventure gaming.  After playing a very entertaining Old West campaign, a few of us decided that it was time to try out another genre.

The narrative gallery outlines the world I've created to serve as a backdrop for our horror gaming and story-telling.  The fictional hamlet of Dertflinghan and the surrounding Transylvanian countryside will set the stage for a blood-curdling epic that will follow the individual encounters and stories of deeply satisfying characters - the mysterious Great Wolf of the Carpathian woods, a mad doctor with a dark past and a darker plan, the intrepid British explorer Sir Thrustam Mannleigh and his companions from the West - and many others.

Although the rather lengthy narrative posts are something I embark upon less than I used to, I play an awful lot of this game, primarily with "the other Jason" in my group. Although we don't continue the narrative in quite the same way as I originally did, we still set out games against the backdrop of Dertflinghan, both its setting and its characters.

Non-Campaign Games

Some games are just about playing the scenario and don't fit into the story line of the campaign.
  1. Seek & Find
    Werewolves / Mad Doctor / British Monster Hunters
  2. The Breakthrough / Seek & Find
    Werewolves vs. Mad Doctor AND Battle in the Wilderness: Nosferatu vs. Mad Doctor
  3. Seek & Find
    British Monster Hunters vs. Romanian Vampires
  4. Seek & Find
    Hungarian Monster Hunters vs. Romanian Vampires
  5. Battle In The Wilderness
    British Monster Hunters vs. Romanian Vampires
  6. The Abandoned Village: Part One
    Lots of photos of objectives and table setup for this three-player epic.
  7. The Abandoned Village: Part Two
    Sir Thrustam Mannleigh, Dr. Prometheus Hartstone, and the Great Wolf clash as they race to discover the mysterious fate of the missing villagers.
  8. Seek & Find (underground)
    Hungarian Monster Hunters vs. Jordin's freshly-painted female Nosferatu

Narrative Gallery
  1. Werewolves
  2. Dertflinghan the Damned
  3. Dertflinghan Indoors
  4. Wulfen Jager
  5. The Old Graveyard
  6. Grunberg's Lunatic Asylum for the Criminally Insane
  7. Dr. Franz Grunberg, His Lunatics and Associates
  8. The Mannleigh Expedition
  9. Count Adolphus Von Brechtenstein and his Daughters
  10. The Old Woodsman
  11. The Von Krumm Expedition
  12. Cattle
  13. Enslaved Ghouls
  14. The Alchemist of Old Dertflinghan

The Curse of the Dertflinghans (Campaign Games)

  1. Chapter One: East Meets West
  2. Chapter Two: Poundwood's Prisoner
  3. Chapter Three: Amongst the Lunatics
  4. Chapter Four: The Devil's Children
  5. Chapter Five: Hunting the Hunters
  6. Chapter Six: The Hand of the Almighty
  7. Chapter Seven: A Doctor's Misfortune
  8. Chapter Eight: A Lost Son
  9. Chapter Nine: The Dead Speak
  10. Chapter Ten: A Night In Rotesdorf
The Road to Dertflinghan