Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Next Impetus Army: The Results Are In

After posting a poll a couple of weeks ago, I sorted through the staggering number of responses and prepared the final tally for your contemplation. As you can see, the votes are split near the 50% mark and the results help to reinforce a decision that's already been brewing.

Since I added this poll to the blog, the guys held a geek meeting (from which I was absent) and tossed around ideas for a project that we could work on together. There's a lot of games in our group right now, but there's no one game that we are all playing. After some discussion, the guys decided that 28mm Fantasy Impetus would be the next common game for us. Being my favourite ruleset, I certainly wasn't complaining about their decision. However, I won't be giving up on the Irish either. Here's how it shall play out.

15mm Irish

It's been a while, so to re-cap, here's the test base of Irish that I painted last December.

Since posting the poll my painting has started to pick up again. As I work my way through my Hungarian Monster Hunters for Chaos in Carpathia, I've begun picking at some Irish Nobles that I primed some months ago. Using the Norse-Irish list from Extra Impetus #2, I will aim for this modest 204-point force to start with.

00 - Poor Command Structure
40 - Fair Generals x2

40 - Nobles (FL) x2; including Mounts upgrade
76 - Bonnachts (FL) x4
24 - Kerns (S) x2
24 - Bowmen (S) x2

This list will allow me to...

  • Field an equal-sized English army using my Free Company models so that others can learn to play Impetus using 15mm models.
  • Add some light horse to field a 14th century Irish force to play against Marc as he completes his English army.
  • Add some Norse heavy foot to field a Dark Age Norse-Irish force to play against Chris's forthcoming Norman army.

28mm Fantasy

As I explained above, this will be inevitable in our group as the Fall unfolds. With that in mind, I'll certainly be joining in. The question now becomes, what army should I paint? The thing is, I already own enough GW models to make a good start on either a Chaos army or a Goblin army. I plan on trying to convince myself to make the responsible choice and to paint one of these two options. Unfortunately, the Warhammer style is a little "clunky" for my tastes these days so it may take a little extra motivation on my part to get one of these moving.

The other option of course is to purchase some new models that are more in line with my current tastes - the GW plastic LOTR range or maybe even some nice 28mm historic models that could be supplemented with some mythical elements. More pondering required.

Anyway, I think the important thing is that I'll be doing both forces instead of choosing one over the other. After I finish the base of Irish Nobles I'll probably do a base of something fantasy and see how alternating my painting back and forth between the two projects works out. Until then...

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Keir said...

Great news. I'll get to work on mine. Any chance you can post next to their first names the army choices of the lads in a list so I can see where everyone is going? I've got a few choices and want to fit in.


SpeedyFrenchy said...

What about Mantic Games' Kings of War range? I hear they're very good and more of a 'true' 28mm scale than GW's 'Heroic' scale...

Sire Godefroy said...

So, it's a draw! :-D
Looking forward to your Fantasy project. I could imagine a hundred things to be used as well. Certainly, the LotR-range contains a lot of very fine models. I myself am a huge fan of the (older) metal dwarfs, and Impetus might be an inexpensive way to get an army together. You see, you've nearly talked me into something - again! ;-)


JET (aka Jason) said...

As I understand it, here's where it stands at the moment:

Jordin: WH Wood Elves
Marc: WH High Elves
Ken: Ex Illis minis
Chris E: WH Skaven
Chris H: WH Lizardmen
Stu: 28mm GB Sassanids

I think that Marc, Chris E and I are the only ones planning on Impetus big bases. The others are going movement trays (I think)

Have looked at and considered Mantic Undead.

sorry :)