Saturday, November 27, 2010

Workbench Update: Warhammer Goblins for Impetus

Life has been busy as of late but I have managed to get my Fantasy Impetus Goblin army off the ground. Some of you may recall that I had painted a Chaos Knight test model a while back. I was pleased with the results but the models are just so darn busy that I had a hard time getting inspired by them. For the time being I've laid them aside and moved onto the Skull Pass Goblins that Ken gave me a while back. Here's the first unit of Spearmen (FL) all ready for basing. I've given them the same stat line as the historical Welsh Spearmen.

As you can see, I'm going with a pretty simple approach. The only area of the models that I've giving a proper series of highlights is the green skin.

Here's a Goblin Hero. Independent characters are based with half the usual frontage (i.e. 6cm instead of 12cm).

Monsters are also based with 6cm frontage. I'm giving this Troll the Continuous Charge and Flammable rules.

The current state of the painting table. I hope to move through everything you see here (in addition to spider riders and wolf riders) pretty quickly. I'm aiming to have the bulk of the army finished before Xmas.

Marc is currently working on his High Elves and Chris has already made an impressive start on his Skaven. I think we'll start playing sometime over the Xmas holidays. I'll keep you posted.

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