Thursday, July 31, 2014

Legends of the Old West: Playing with New Objective Cards

Some of you might be familiar with the Secret Objective card system I developed for Chaos in Carpathia. I decided to try a similar (yet completely different) idea for Legends of the Old West. Marc and I have tried them out a few times and they really add a lot to the game, even if I do say so myself.

A selection taken from the deck of 40 Private Objective cards.
The six Public Objective cards. Each player may choose a maximum of one before the game begins.
The purpose of the cards is two-fold. First of all, as with Chaos in Carpathia, they remove the need to choose a scenario. Instead, the cards each player chooses and plays creates a unique scenario every game. Secondly, the cards give players something more strategic to aim for, as the cards represent the fickle and varied priorities of their characters.

I chose the High Noon Public Objective. This meant that both leaders started in the middle of the table and had a shoot-out before the game began. Half-breed Bob was too elusive so I discarded the card halfway through the game.
Marc's Outlaws chose the Robbery Public Objective card. These three characters were deployed in an agreeable location and each was assigned a Loot counter at the beginning of the game. 
As always, where ever you find Marshall Mills, the Assumption Vigilance Committee is never far behind.
The game in full swing. The outlaws, slowed down by loot, made their way towards the edge of town. Meanwhile, the Lawmen stormed the corral and ended up driving the outlaws out of town. Sadly, not all the Loot was recovered.
Another great game, I have to say. Marc and I agree that the card system adds a lot of flavour and ultimately makes the game more tactical and unpredictable. We will continue to tweak and play this objective system over the next year or more. Count on seeing more game reports in the future. And for the record, my Lawmen won. Just sayin'.

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Terry Silverthorn said...

Excellent terrain, excellent painted miniatures & another excellent idea Jet!

JET (aka Jason) said...

Thanks Terry. With all these custom rules over the years I'm thinking of actually designing my own miniature game. We'll see.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Those cards look fantastic. The graphics add so much.


friv 1 said...

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