Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dry Goods, JP's House, Gunsmith, Livery Stable, and Bank

I won't be posting for work-related reasons until the middle of December, so I figured I better take the opportunity to post some pics of my newly painted buildings. Here we have my Dry Goods Store. It's actually named after a long-standing family business in my community. Posing on the step is the first Western model I've painted - one of the Pinkerton Detectives from Artizan. Fantastic models, I highly recommend them.

The house around which my building tutorial was based. It's the home of the local Justice of the Peace. As a well-to-do and co-founding member of Assumption, he can afford to cough up for a few gallons of paint.

The Gunsmith - front view.

Tin roof and chimney.

The Livery Stable. This was my first experiment with a planked roof.

The Bank. The sign is a little larger than I had planned, but I've moved on to other buildings. One can't obsess on minor details while engaged in a project of this scale ;)

Roof and chimmney.

That's a total of eight buildings painted. I just primed the hotel, fences, and started detailing the restaurant. However, you'll have to wait until December for further updates. I know Ken has started prepping his outlaws for painting today, so it shouldn't be too too long before we get some shots of in-game action posted.

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Bluebear Jeff said...


I just discovered your blog today (via a link from Steve-the-Wargamer's" blog.

I have enjoyed seeing your buildings and the techniques you are using.

I've got some 'Old West' buildings which I made on an old blog post here:

I've used a 'Tiny' address to shorten it to a reasonable length. Furthermore here's another 'Tiny' link to some of the techniques that I used:

Hope that you get some inspiration from these. Finally you are probably already aware of it -- but if not go to the Whitewash City site for some good inspiration as to new buildings:

-- Jeff

Donogh said...

Discovered you through Steve's Wargaming blog also. Looks great, really envious of your modelling skills. Those new Pinkertons look very good - tempted to get into Wild West now too (like I need a new period!)