Sunday, December 7, 2008

Clash of the Titans!

Marc and I bought the Battlefleet Gothic boxed game around six years ago, and other than a couple of luke-warm attempts, it's never really been tried. Last night, we decided to give it a try. Each of us has chosen to paint and play Imperial fleets (green=me; blue=Marc). We tried a 750 point game. Here's how it shook down.

Jason's force: Overlord Battlecruiser, Gothic Cruiser, Dauntless Light Cruiser x 2, Firestorm Escort x 3

Marc's force: Retribution Battleship, Gothic Cruiser, Dominator Cruiser

During the first turn, I did a little shooting and launched a couple of torpedo salvoes. I was trying to use my forces's ability to out-manouvre Marc's fleet to gain the advantage.

Marc's Retribution battleship coming around the other side of the table. Great model and a great paintjob. Also notice the ship's name on the base. Marc's just showing off now.

Dauntless light cruisers and Firestorm escorts move to broadside positions. The idea was to use their superior mobility to close in on Marc's cruisers and to let loose with all of the lance batteries.

The cruisers in question. The Furious Might (on the right) stood up to two torpedo salvoes from my cruisers, sustaining only minor damage.

My cruisers moving closing with the enemy cruisers.

My Dauntless light cruiser squadron is given the "Lock-On" special order and does incredible damage with a barrage of lance shots.

Marc's fleet starts causing some damage on my cruisers.

Marc moves the Battleship Intolerance into a broadside position. Learning as we play, we realize that large unmanouverable behemoths should be committed somwhere central, otherwise, it's too easy for smaller ships to avoid them.

Our loyal fans.

The grand pinnacle of the engagment. My lance-armed light ships cause havoc.

One of Marc's cruisers explodes in a ball of plasma, which in turn, finished off his other crippled cruiser. The hulk floated into space.

Meanwhile, my Gothic cruiser headed off to deal with the battleship. We traded some firepower, and then called the game.

The game was great fun, and I look forward to adding it to the geekly mix. Ken has a Chaos fleet prepped for painting, and I believe Chris has already started painting his Eldar corsairs. These fleets will shake up the game a great deal, as the fleet tactics are so different from the Imperial navy.

Marc will be adding a light cruiser and a squadron of escorts in the near future. His list from last night was intended for learning the game, and he is quite aware that manouverable elements must be added to the fleet.

I'm off to paint some Lawmen! Thanks for reading,


Unknown said...

Great game! it's always good to see a BFG battlereport!

Anonymous said...

Great tournament report. You guys should do more battlefleet gothic reports like this.