Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Wrath of Brother Abelard

We haven't played a great amount of Chaos in Carpathia in the last six months but it is still one of mine and Jason's favourite games. I snapped a few shots of last night's game for all you Gothic Horror fans.

Grossmeister Abelard fends off the Vampire Lord as his dark minions encircle the brothers.
We played one game - my Brotherhood against Jason's Nosferatu. Since we both have six warbands each for CinC, one never knows what two foes will end up on the table for any given game. The Brotherhood are quite a different warband from my European Monster Hunters. Although they lack the pseudo-super characters available to the monster hunters, there's the ability to spread skills around the warband in a much more balanced fashion.

For this game we used my new-and-improved objective system. It's similar to the one I posted a couple of years ago except now there are separate objective decks for Human and Monster warbands. The Brotherhood drew the Duel, the Search, and the Task. The Nosferatu drew the Duel, the Invasion, and the Kidnapping. Of course, we didn't know what our opponent's objectives were until after the game was over.

Father Athanasius inspires the brothers to greater acts of courage.
It was one of those rare games where a player can end the game early by earning all 6 VP before the time is up. Things started going right for me early on after my leader charged the master vampire and killed him in two turns without any help from his fellow brothers. Doing the job himself earned my warband the maximum of 2 VP for the Duel. With two less combat-oriented objectives remaining (i.e. the Task and the Search), I concentrated on a couple of key characters finding things and solving puzzles while the rest of my warband held the monsters at bay. It worked out in my favour and early in turn five, I announced that the game was over and that I was victorious!

Brothers Ephrem and Ambrose protect Sister Benedicta from the night creatures.
When the game ended, Jason had 3 VP and I had 6 VP plus 9 Investigation Points to add to my campaign sheet. More importantly, we got to roll lots of dice while insulting each other with horrible Transylvanian accents.

I'm not really painting anything for Gothic Horror these days. I'm trying to focus (which is hard in Summer) on painting a new posse for Legends of the Old West and some other odds and ends that I'm trying to get finished before the Fall. However, Jason has purchased models for two new warbands - French Monster Hunters (which he has started) and Romanian Vampires. I'll keep you posted.

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Slorm said...

I love these minitures, it's a pitty that there are no 15mm for monks...

fireymonkeyboy said...

So, what did Heloise have to say about all these shenanigans?


JET (aka Jason) said...

Pff... who cares. He should've stayed single and got a bachelor pad.

Slorm, have you ever looked into all of the 15mm offerings for Teutonic Knights? There might be something out there that would work.

Furt said...

Love these Gothic Horror game reports. Your table looks so good. I am starting to delve into an 18th century horror game myself and your stuff always serves as great inspiration.


magokiron said...

I really messed this Gothic Horror AARs. Your minis and scenery is by far one of the BEST I've ever seen.
Thanks for sharing.