Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hundred Years War English for Impetus - It Begins!

Well, the wait is finally over. I've been patiently waiting for one of the geeks to eventually show interest in doing some sort of Impetus project with me. I've already painted a 10mm Carthaginian army for Basic Impetus (look to your right - J), but I want to create a full-size army for the game, and furthermore, to have someone to share the project with. After some discussion, Keir has agreed to jump in and do a HYW French force to battle my English. From here on in, I will track my progress, no matter how intermittent it may be.

(List updated - January 4th, 2009)

Command: Average CS, Expert CIC, Fair Generals x 2 - 82 points

Cavalry Units: King and Household x 1, Gascon Men-at-Arms x 1, English Men-at-Arms x 1, Hobilars x 1 - 111 points
Missile Units: Longbowmen x 6, Bombard x 1 - 158 points
Melee Units: Dismounted Men-at-Arms x 3, Welsh Spearmen x 2 - 103 points
Skirmishers: Irish Kerns x 2 - 28 points
Field Fortifications: Stakes x 6 - 18 points

That's a grand total of 500 points. Although I haven't really done much towards making this happen yet, I've done some picking here and there. Here's what I have so far...

A few sample dismounted men-at-arms. The models are Corvus Belli.

The shields were painted to match.

Some finished longbowmen. I think I'll aim for 10 models per base. There are twelve on the base below, but I think it's a little crowded. These are also Corvus Belli models.

Here's how I and thinking of organizing the heavy infantry - two lines of five or six per base. This layout will likely represent a men-at-arms unit with one of the generals attached.

Here are some Welsh spearmen from Feudal Castings. (Keir - as per our conversation.) Toying around with the idea of a mounted unit leader. It's purely esthetic of course, but these little touches are what makes element-based gaming fun.

Except for the bombard and crew, I have all of the models required to create the army listed above, but I may tweak as time goes on. Historically, I feel like I should have more archers, but in terms of overall fun (both painting fun and gaming fun), I want the project to be varied. All comments, criticisms, and suggestions are very welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Jason. I have a few 15's around. Some day I'll actually paint a few :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks good. Heraldry on the shields is to period as well. I not sure but the English used to put their archers in wedge formations with stakes in front of them to funnel troops to the heavy inf in this period. This could be very cool to model on a base.