Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Imperial Navy

Now that the group has added Battlefleet Gothic to the regular wargames rotation, I figured it was time to add some nicer "posed" photos of my Imperial fleet. Here's the painted fleet so far.

My cruisers. The two in the forefront are Dauntless Light Cruisers armed with weapons batteries and dorsel-mounted lance batteries. The larger cruisers (L to R) are a Dictator class, an Overlord class, and a Gothic class.

A squadron of three Firestorm escorts with prow-mounted lances.

A large squadron of Sword class frigates armed with weapons batteries. Very powerful when firepower is concentrated.

I have enough parts to make another couple of cruisers, so the fleet isn't quite done at this stage. However, I'm ready to play an average-size game, and that 's one of the great aspects of BFG - very few models + free rules = lots of deep space fun for very little money.

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